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Streamin Real Audio of pre-mastered songs recorded @ Fanshawe.

Unfortunately, Tripod won't let me put mp3's on the site, so you'll have to get them off Music City, You'll have to download the Morpheus File Sharing Program.

bring da noise/past judgement rm
bros b4 hoes rm

Listen to Agent 69 Anarchy Radio! All Songs Picked by members of Agent 69.
Punk, Hardcore, Emo, Ska, Reggae.

Click the link to view the photos.

September 14th - 21 Photos.(14/09/01)
July 7th Show - 17 Photos from Boonie Fest.(7/07/01)
June 16th Show - 28 Photos from the Masonic Lodge.(6/29/01)
May 26th Show - 17 Photos from the a show in Caledon.(5/28/01)
Behind The Scenes - 14 Photos from the recording session.(4/22/01)