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03/14/02: new band name!
Hey everyone, lots o news comin your way! We've changed our name to "time will tell" therefore we need a new site right? well it's almost ready check it out by clickin here! We're goin into the studio in 2 weeks to record our part of a 12 song split with Might as Well and possibly Ruined by Reason. For more news you gots ta check da new site, scene?

02/24/02: congrats!
First of all, Agent 69 would like to congratulate the Canadian men's and women's hockey teams for bringin the gold back to where it belongs! We apologize to anyone who came out to the show last night at Masonic. We could not make it because Stephan cut his finger in a dish-washing accident! We can confirm that we WILL be going into Harlo Studios on the weekend of March 23rd. to record a 4-song EP. We remind you that we are still looking for a new band name, so if you have any ideas or you think we should keep the name, please email us at

01/30/02: roger, roger!
We can now confirm that we have booked studio time at Harlo Studios for the next couple months! We'll have more details as they come in. We are going to be adding a new section to this site very soon and need your help to get it started! The Section is going to be called "Ask Doctor Danny?". In this section, you (the fans) will be able to ask doctor danny about any problems you have whether its at work or in your sick and twisted love life! Answers to the most original questions will be posted on the site. To send in questions now for the first edition, email us at; Please include your name, email address, age and where your from!

01/14/02: Whats New!
Happy New Year yall! 3 shows have been added to the tour dates page, though we don't have much details, they will be updated soon! I also added links to Might As Well's and Silent's new webpages, so check those out!.

Our show @ Q Bar on December 29th has been cancelled because Nate will be in Saskatchewan, visiting family.

12/20/01: Join Now!
Wanna be updated about Agent Sixty-Nine events all the time? Wanna meet other fans? Just go join the Agent Sixty-Nine Online Community @! You get bi-weekly newsletters and theres a messageboard where you can talk about anything! So what are you waiting for? join now!

12/20/01: Whats new?
5 Days till Christmas!!!! We have a new show added to the shows page, Dec. 29th (saturday) at Q-Bar in Toronto. later! Have a good Christmas!

12/01/01: Early Bird Get's to Watch Us Play!
We are going on earlier than usual (around 8pm) for the January 5th show @ Masonic Lodge in Streetsville. We had to give up our nice prime-time slot to Kill Decibel so that Jay O'Young and his ego don't throw a hissy fit! Jay believes that his band works harder and is better and more deserving of the 9pm time slot than we are. So make sure you come early to check us out!

12/01/01: MP3's Up!
We finally have our MP3's on Just follow the links on our audio page. Our friends Billy Talent have a web-page up with a couple mp3's on it. You can get there on our links page. We are playing Masonic Lodge in Streetsville, yet AGAIN! with SILENT, Kill-Decibel and The End. on January 5th to ring in the new year!

11/15/01: Open and Shut Case Johnson!
Lots of news for you guys!!! First off, we have plans to go into signal to noise to record an EP in January. It will probably be produced by Rob Sanzo (Toronto Greats; Treble Charger, Scratching Post and tons more!). We have a couple shows coming up as well, they are up on the shows page. If anyone wants to put us on a bill, just contact our booking agent. I just put up gear setups for ben and myself for all you guitar techies! I also put up a bio of the band for anyone interested. Individual Bio's will be up soon!

11/13/01: You'll be missed buddy!
Leon da Cameleon
2000 - 2001

11/13/01: New Website!
Welcome to the new Website! We've been working on it for a while. MP3s will be up soon! More news to come!!!

09/23/01: MP3s!
Ok Dudes and Dudettes, we now have 4 MP3s available on Limewire, and Kazaa. Please share them with everyone! They're not the best quality, you'll have to crank your speakers up.

09/17/01: U.S. Attacks!
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the U.S. Terrorist Attacks. Please head down to your local blood-donor clinic to donate blood for the vicitims. Much thanks goes out to everyone who came out to Masonic on Friday to see us play! It was on of our best sets yet! Pics will be up in a couple days.