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Biography by Stephan Lam.

To get the whole story, let me start back in 1997. I met Danny at Meadowvale Secondary School. I was trying to find some change so i could buy some weed. So Danny gave me some change and we had ten bucks. We bought a gram and smoked a joint. We started talking about music and he was telling me he was a drummer. What a coincidence i was looking for a drummer for my band. Well it wasn't really a band. It was me and this romanian guy, Radu on Bass. Well we set a date to go jam at Danny's place but we were still lookin for a singer. We showed up at Danny's and there was this guy havin a smoke with him. Danny said he wanted try out for the band. This guy wasn't the greatest singer but he had stage presence and he this amazing talent. He could write a song in like 5 minutes! This is how we met Donald.

So we started jamming everyday and we were writing songs like they were goin out of style! We had the songs, now all we needed was a name. I came up with "LEMI" because Lemmy Motorhead used to be one of my idols as a kid. I don't know why we spelt it different?? Anyways, we played our firsty gig at a pub at York University with this band called "The Plaid Daddys". They sounded kinda like Great Big Sea. In the following weeks Radu became a poseur and didn't get along with Don and myself so we kicked him out of the band and tried to steal his bass and amp, but he got it back. We kept jammin through out the summer, without a bass-player. Our style was changing. Don had introduced me to SKA! I loved it!

At the beginning of the next school year, Danny introduced me to this guy Will. He said he saw the guy play "Maxwell Murder" by Rancid one day! That was awesome, so we hired him on as the new bass-player. I'll never forget that day! We went to meet him after school on the football field, and he said he'd meet us up at Danny's. When I first met him he had long-ass metal hair, but a couple hours later, when he came to Danny's he had shaved it all off! fuckin weird eh? Anyways we jammed once with him and it was amazing! We sounded Ten Times Better! Anyways, to wrap up the LEMI part of this story; We started playing shows with Will and it ruled until december, We parted ways with Donald because of personal matters and hired on Dave Wilson as singer/rhythm guitarist.

Enter Penny For the Pope. PFTP was formed when Dave joined the band in 1998. PFTP played a bunch of shows over the winter and by next summer, tension was already building between Dave and myself because we were doing some Lemi stuff with Don. I left the band in the summer of 98. and Matt Dupley joined them right after. The basnd broke-up and reformed with the same guys plus Donald as Down and Out. Down and Out lasted till 1999/2000. Meanwhile, I had started a band with Ryan Machete (bass)from the then defunct Auxiliary One and Martin VanHelden (drums). This band is what you see now, Agent 69. We kicked Martyin Out in the winter of 99 and got Chris Coles on drums. We then added Christina to the lineup as singer. In the summer of 2000 Chris left the band and Danny filled his spot (Down and out had broken up around that time). In Fall of 2000, Christina left because of diffenrences with the band. We were also looking for a harder sound, so we brought Francis (former drummer of SKG) on board as a singer. I had jammed with him on vocals once at an SKG practice and he just blew me away! He can scream like theres no tomorow! Anyways, our sound was getting so much tighter and harder. That's when we decided to get rid of Ryan. We filled his spot with Nate-dogg and added Ben as a second guitarist (both of Anti-Social/Kill Decibel). In 2001, we changed the spelling of the name from Agent 69 to Agent Sixty-Nine. And that's how Agent Sixty-Nine came to be. If you have any questions, email me.